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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Transformation and God's New World

'We get rumours of this new world..while living in the'
Reading again a book on spiritual formation by John Ortberg, I was moved by his depiction of the kingdom of God as another world, a whole different realm of being. We get rumours of this new world even while living in the old, broken one. The artists, writers and poets hint at it and reach for it, though not really understanding what they reach for. In this kingdom, this other world, everything gets to be transformed and made new, including us. Ortberg suggests that our fairy tales hint at this truth: frogs become princes, ugly ducklings become beautiful swans and wooden puppets become real boys. Personal transformation is central to this new world, this new creation.

That's good news because we disappoint ourselves. We want to be better people. We sense that we were created to be better than we are. I hope that we know that we are loved just as we are, because the journey must start there, but we still long to become all that we were meant to be. God's masterpieces. The gospel of the kingdom is the announcement and promise of this new world. And of the open secret that this new world has already been sown into the soil of the old one. It is therefore the announcement that our hope of transformation can be realised. That we can become the people we were created to be.

In my intention to take some tentative few steps back into blogging, I hope to share some thoughts and observations about personal transformation. As I do, I write very much as a fellow-pilgrim and not at all as an expert. And would value the insights of others.