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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Vulnerability and Intimacy

The healing journey is inter-connected with the devotional journey. The transparency and vulnerability that are part of the healing process are also necessary for intimacy. It is impossible to have intimacy without vulnerability. And God takes the first steps to teach us this. Catholic priest, Richard Rohr, writes:
'Most people in my experience are still into fearing God and controlling God instead of loving God. They never really knew it was possible, given the power equation. When one party has all the power - which is most people's definition of God - all you can do is fear and try to control. 
The only way that can be changed is for God, from God's side, to change the power equation and invite us into a world of mutuality and vulnerability. Our living image of that power change is called Jesus! In him, God took the imitative to overcome our fear, our need to manipulate God and make honest Divine relationship possible.'
The incarnation is, among other things, about the vulnerability of God for the sake of intimacy with us. It is God's humility enabling such intimacy. For God to become a babe in arms, a child who had to grow and learn and submit to the aid of others, and live life in this messy, mundane and painful world is in itself amazing. That he also received our hatred and scorn, and was taken in our rough hands and nailed to a cross is the utmost in divine vulnerability. It is not only the basis of securing salvation. It is an invitation into vulnerability. And so into intimacy with God.

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