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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Whispers of Grace

Still thinking about transparency. True, authentic transparency can only be sustained in an environment of grace. If we begin to crack open our hearts and find only judgement, disapproval, pity or tired and glib religious 'answers' we soon draw back again. Unless we, in our churches, cultivate an environment of true gospel-like, Jesus-like grace, transparency cannot survive for long.

I recently came across this beautiful poem about grace on the blog of a new friend, Geoff Chapman. It is by Mark Greene (of LICC). I think you will like it. I love it:

Whispers of Grace
With a tremor of its wafer wing,
They say, a butterfly in Bejiing
Can, in time, spin a tornado
across the Kansas plain.
Or hurl a tidal wave booming
into Carolina’s tranquil bays.
So, what then of a kiss for the dying,
An embrace for the untouched.
Or a tenderness to the crushed?
What of a whisper of grace,
A word of love unfurled,
Or a door to truth flung wide?
Will not these unwind the twisted heart
And still the waves of endless whys?
Is this not the fountain spray
That soars through time
And splashes eternity
in our eyes?    
– Mark Greene

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