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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Back to Blogging....on the Journey

Back to blogging later than intended! The problem with stopping a regular activity is that other things quickly rush into fill the spaces of time that it leaves, and you then struggle to reinsert it into your schedule! Any advice on how to stretch time will be gratefully received. I hope I have not lost too many readers in my absence. 

I want to continue with more thoughts on different aspects of the journey that I (and others) have been on in the last couple of years. See here for my suggestion of four different aspects. And I have also suggested a fifth - a journey of cultural transition. More on that later.

Over the next few posts, I want to say a little about the restorative or healing journey. And then some thoughts on the closely connected devotional journey. In relation to healing, I am not intending to get into personal detail here. These are personal and private things that it'd be inappropriate to air online. Rather, I will make some general comments about the need for a healing journey and what I think is involved; and I will then recommend some books that have helped me. However, as a bookish person one of the things that I am having to realise on this journey is that just reading another book (or attending another conference or getting into the latest 'revelation' or experience) doesn't deal with it. I think the answer lies (I put it that way because I am still very much on this journey) in honesty with self, transparency toward God and others, intimate encounter with God and trust. I am intending to post on things like:
  • a new creation? Yes, but....
  • glory in clay jars
  • the trouble with triumphalism
  • the challenge of transparency
  • the love of the Father
Hope you'll join me to reflect on these things and to maybe share your own experiences of your journeys.


  1. Bring it on & welcome back Trev. Will be interested to read these upcoming posts!

  2. Looking forward to this. You should check out this this article by Ted Haggard I felt it was very insightful in a way only someone with his history could be. A few quotes that I think you might find interesting:
    when Bill Bright led me to the Lord when I was 16, I learned that I had become a new creature, a new person, and that I did not need to be concerned about anything in my past, that it was all covered by the blood. I did become a new creation spiritually, but I have since learned that I needed some simple care that would have spared my family and me a great deal of loss and pain.

    And another

    I was taught that life transformation took place at salvation and the power to overcome was inherent with the baptism in the Holy Spirit. My early Christian training was given by those who did not respect the mental health profession, nor the field of neural science. So I believed the solution to my struggle was exclusively spiritual, which turned out to be counterproductive.

    1. Ian, thank you. I was moved and really helped by this article. I don't really have to post on this any more, just refer people to this article! It says just what I want to say in the next post about being a new creation. Trust you and yours are all well.