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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Shall We Dance?

In my last post I wrote about the fact that healthy belief formation often involves holding two truths in tension with each other. To over-emphasise one at the expense of the other will mean we end up in a ditch. But I was also keen to point out that this does not mean that we live life on a tightrope, afraid of falling on either side; or with our hands tightly gripping the handlebars so that we don't swerve too far one way or the other. That's no way to live. I think we should be able to dance together along this road as we go on our journey, not huddle together in the middle, afraid of the ditches. (To be aware and alert is not the same as being afraid). Perhaps it's the dance that holds the key.

Because although we need to learn to live with and 'feel the tension', I remember finding it really helpful when someone suggested that we learn to deal with the tension of truth not primarily by trying to strike the right balance but by learning to walk (or dance!) according to the appropriate rhythm. You see, even just to walk means putting your weight on one foot and then on the other. Even more so, with dancing we have to learn where and when to place our weight on one foot, and when to shift it to the other, in order to get the right balance and equipoise - not as tightrope walkers but as those dancing together to create a beautiful work of art. In the journey of a community, different things will need to be emphasised at different times, the weight placed on some aspects of truth only for it then to shift to another aspect. Equally, different people bring different emphases of truth and insight at different times for different purposes. Learning to make room for one another is what enables us to dance. Insisting that only our particular emphasis be accepted is not dancing. It's not even walking. It's hopping! To change the metaphor, to just play one note all of the time is not to create music; it is just to make a noise. 

There is more on the dance here, here and here

I am feeling prompted to take an internet fast for the next three weeks, as God wants me to focus on other things in my own personal journey during that time. This means no blogging for three weeks but I hope you will join me again after that as I continue with reflections on the different aspects of our journey. Thank you for reading my blog. Blessings!

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