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Monday, 7 October 2013

The Theological Journey - We All Do Theology!

A few posts back I outlined what I think have been the 4 journeys - or, more accurately, the 4 aspects of the one journey - that I think some of us have been on (I could add a fifth - a Cultural Journey, in that I think many of us are aware of a shift in the culture of our church communities arising out of other aspects of the journey; but I'll come back to that another time). The last few posts about connection have been about the Relational Journey. I now want to start posting some stuff about the Theological Journey.

Let me use this post to say something, first of all, about theology - and I hope you haven't already switched off by the mention of the word. A lot of Christians like to think that they 'don't do theology'; they just love God and follow what he says in the Bible. Mmmmm! Sorry, but I reckon that whenever you think anything about God - his nature, his purpose and his ways - you are doing theology. That includes anything at all that you think and/or say about Jesus, the Bible, church, evangelism, miracles, prayer, meaning and purpose in life etc. It's all theology. It may not be academic theology (and that doesn't matter), but it is theology. You can't escape it, so I suggest it is better to use our God-given minds, and hearts, to try and think through carefully and humbly about what we believe about God, neither being intimidated at the thought of thinking through these things, nor using spirituality as an excuse for mental laziness. 

In the next post (tomorrow all being well) I want to confront an argument that I have heard in support of certainty and consistency in our most important beliefs. In contrast I want to write about The Importance of Changing Beliefs. Hope you can join me for that! Let me leave you with a quote:
"A true and living faith is never a destination; it's a journey. And to move forward on this journey we need the benefit of doubt." (Greg Boyd)

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