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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Different Kinds of Journey.

All this talk of journey - but what exactly is the journey I, and maybe we (I don't want to assume for you, dear reader) are on. In fact, I think I'm on a number of journeys at once, or probably different aspects of the one journey: the journey home (see here), to the place that our hearts know we really belong, to the place of his continual Presence. But right now the practical outworking of that for me has been four-fold, I think (constant travel messes my mind so can't count properly) and will indicate some of the kind of things I hope to blog on. Here goes:
  1. A Relational Journey: the journey has meant disconnecting from people I have walked with many years, leaving a spiritual house and then both re-connecting and connecting with new people in the Body. This is painful and unsettling and opens you up to misunderstanding by some. It does not mean being critical or ungrateful towards past connections, though some may see it that way. But I do believe God is doing some serious re-configuring in his Body right now, and for good and significant purpose. I'll probably blog more on this soon. 
  2. A Devotional Journey: growing in my experience of and understanding of God, seeking to go deeper in encounter and relationship with Father, Son and Spirit; valuing and living by Presence and intimacy, no matter the cost and wherever it leads. It involves being open to fresh experiences and expressions of the spiritual life, but keeping it authentic, not getting swept up in pretence or peer-pressured into super-spirituality. Most of all, it means experiencing more of his transforming and revolutionary love that changes everything!
  3. A Theological Journey: theology is not for the egg-heads. Whenever we talk or think about God we are doing theology. And going on a journey in relationship with God must involve a journey in what we think about him as well as what we experience of him - and each affects the other. So I am very much on a theological journey and this has involved shifts and changes in what I believe. That's a problem for some, and so can open you up to serious misunderstanding. I will blog about this quite a lot in the coming months. 
  4. A Restorative Journey: this has been the most challenging and surprising. Challenging, because it has meant having to face up to some of my internal mess, and brokenness in ways I have not been able to before. Surprising, because I was always a little suspicious of what we saw as 'inner healing'. There is much that I still do not understand and I am still a little wary at times. But I am open to allowing God's trinitarian, incarnational love to heal me. If you've read The Shack, you'll have an idea of what I mean by that. I will blog only a little on this to explain - but I'm not yet up for online soul-exposure! Make no mistake, though: the healing journey is vitally important.  
This has been longer than I had intended. I'll work at making posts shorter but more frequent in future, and hope they help and encourage readers on this beautiful adventure we are all on. 


  1. Thanks for choosing courage as your compass on this journey. Courage being the choice to tell your story from and with your whole heart.