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Friday, 8 February 2013

Sharing From Other Blogs

And now for something completely different. I thought I might occasionally share from other blogs to help make this blog more interesting, to stir things up a bit and to engage with people who are making me think and helping me on my journey. It is more overtly theological than my posts so far - some bigger words and challenging ideas. I should explain that what she calls doubt, I'd just call questions. Personally, I have rarely ever doubted God's existence or goodness (I don't claim this as a virtue, just report it as a fact), but I do have questions about the nature and substance of his self-revelation, and serious doubts and concerns on how some traditional conservative evangelicals have understood things, and the way they have interpreted Scripture. This is one such - it's about how a misunderstanding of the Bible can result in a terrible view of God, and in emotional dissonance for many of us. And how it is OK to have questions as part of our journey, that to stifle them can be really unhelpful. Only read it if you're prepared to be challenged in mind and heart.

It is Rachel Held Evans on The Scandal of the Evangelical Heart. 


  1. What if "I don't know" isn't doubt in Him but is acknowledgement of imperfection in me. I'm wondering if I stop reading the stories in scripture through the lens of a mind that's already decided what to think and start reading through the lens of a loved lover loving others, through a relational heart to heart connection, the stories take on a completely different meaning. I'm thinking that maybe we're not supposed to be saved from the world, all it's pain, sadness and suffering but saved for the world. Maybe we're suppose to change the planet, like He did.

    1. I agree, John. I remember reading something by Bill Johnson a few years ago about the Bible has been written so that it can only really be understood by those who are seeking a growing relationship with God. I try to always remember that, and to know that God is not troubled by my questions.