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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A final thought on freedom and honour

Just a final thought on the subject of freedom an honour, or humility and honour, based on some other reflections on Romans 12. For this 'dance' to work well there are a couple of other principles we need to pick up from the passage. For instance, it assumes that we are genuinely laying our lives down as our continual expression of worship (v.1) - this isn't going to work if it's all about our self-promotion! And it requires a willingness to have our thinking continually challenged and changed (v.2) - we can't afford to get stuck into old ruts of thinking, never allowing our familiar paradigms to be shifted. But most of all, we have to learn to live in the way described in the second half of the chapter - in a community of radical, selfless love (see vv.9-21).

When all is said and done, far more important than my gifting being exercised is that we are building together the kind of community of love described here, and thereby being a stunning witness to a world that is desperate for this kind of community. As we are learning the dance of freedom and honour, we will undoubtedly step on each others' toes from time to time, and bruise each others shins! There will be misunderstanding and mis-communication, mistaken assumptions and insensitive remarks etc. at times. We may be tempted to leave the dance floor, to walk off in a huff or resent each other. That's why we need to really take to heart the exhortations of the second half of the chapter - and especially 'be devoted to one another in love'.

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