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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Restoration Legacy 2

A few more suggestions as to good aspects of the legacy of the restoration movement:
  • church as community - although we may not always have made this work successfully in practice, and there were others before and since who grasped this truth more fully perhaps, a key value of what was first called the house church movement was that church is not buildings or meetings and certainly not a religious institution or organisation. Church is an organic and charismatic community. Perhaps parts of the emerging, or organic, church movement are taking this further now. 
  • commitment - following on from the above, I'd say that there was a real value about committed relationships. For community to work we had to be loyal and committed. Church was not a club that we could drift in and out of as it suited us. Of course this has great potential to be abused and was at times, but as a value and ideal I think it's a treasure we should hold on to, and at times I feel the lack of it now is a great loss. But also now I see more clearly that such commitment must be freely chosen and come from revelation, not control or manipulation. 

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