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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Freedom and the Family

Just briefly interrupting my reflection on restoration to post a quote. I was teaching this morning at my local church on 'the nature and value of freedom.' (You can listen to it here if you are interested). At the end of it I read a quite lengthy quote by Hanley Moule (an Anglican bishop from the early twentieth century). It related to the theme of freedom and the family which we have been looking at as a church. Someone found it really helpful and asked me to post it. Some of its language is perhaps a little dated but the point is clear and continually valid and, indeed, vital:

'You are placed amidst the delightful liberties and resources of your Father's home, without grudging and without doubt. But you are placed there not simply to enjoy, but to use; not only to be free, but to have the privilege of contributing to the freedom around you. 'You are free, but as a child of the Father, and as a member of the family. And such freedom would be only the harsh parody of itself if it were not a freedom, to love, to be loyal, to serve, to share. Your rights are given you as bright implements to promote the highest right. You are saved to be serviceable; you are saved to build up other lives. And not all things are serviceable. And not all things build up the lives of others. 'So live out the noble freedom of freely fulfilled mutual duty. Let no one seek his own, but everyone another.""  (H.C.G.Moule) 

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