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Friday, 9 November 2012

Using the Bible - Creative or Conforming

Briefly today: I think what I am doing here in relation to using the Bible to understand patterns of leadership and church government (and I will try to do more on this next week) is illustrative of how we are to use Scripture ('all Scripture is God-breathed and useful...'2 Tim.3:16) under the new covenant. Although there are boundaries for belief (doctrine) and behaviour (ethics), those boundaries are determined by the trajectories set in motion by New Testament principles (I will write more on this soon). Within those boundaries, and then through our God-given minds and imaginations, and our relationship with the Holy Spirit and one another, we are liberated to be creative in working out our practices and the implications of the principles. This is so much better than trying to replicate a prescribed pattern, or conform to a rigid code. The very dynamic of Scripture and Spirit sets us free to work things out together, to join in a creative dance, not slavishly follow a marching band. Just a thought.

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