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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Monologue or Conversation?

I am really enjoying blogging. It has been good for me in helping to shape my thoughts during a period of perspective shift. My hope is that it is also helping those who are part of the church family I help lead at Community Church Huddersfield to get a little clearer on what I have been trying to communicate and lead us into.And I am pleased if it has got other readers interested and stimulated their thinking, even if they arrive at different conclusions to me.

However, there is a danger that it is just my monologue. It is me telling everyone what I think. And for a long time now, and especially in recent months, I have believed in the importance of learning through conversation. I believe powerful things can happen when people of sincere faith talk openly and frankly together with a desire to learn more about God's ways and be led by the Spirit (see Malachi 3:16 and Acts 15).

Christian, and Christian leaders especially, have too often indulged in monologue, and stifled healthy debate. Preaching and instruction certainly have their place, and we should learn when it is time to be quiet and just listen to those we can learn from. But we can also learn through conversation and dialogue. Blogging can either encourage the monologue and the culture of the opinionated; or it can stimulate conversation.

I want to encourage the latter. So can I encourage my readers to feel free and confident to comment - a question, an observation or a constructive criticism? Such will help and add to my thinking and determine future posts. I am learning through this process and I want to learn through you.


  1. Well done Trev. It's great to hear your heart. Thanks for being open and sharing your heart. It's certainly exciting to see and hear about the journey we're on together.

    1. Thanks, Marcus. So glad we're on this journey together. Feel free to join in the conversation whenever you have a question or comment.