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Sunday, 11 November 2012

At the Centre - Bible or Jesus?

Crucial to us understanding the Bible rightly (on anything) is to know Christ. Because the Bible is all about him.

Before blogging any more about how to interpret the Bible, or how we use it to understand leadership etc., let me point you to something someone else has written. Now and again you stumble across something that so resonates with where you're at on your own spiritual journey. This is one of those, written by a Christian blogger I have recently begun to read and enjoy.

My journey is not exactly the same as his as I would  not have considered myself as part of a institutional religion or the professional theological Academy. But it is possible to be part of a genuinely spiritual, grassroots 'movement' and yet make the same mistakes, when we put the Bible and our understanding of it - our doctrine - at the centre, instead of a living relationship with Jesus. (I speak for myself only and not for anyone else who's been part of that movement).

It's much longer than my own posts, so make yourself a coffee, or pour yourself a whisky, and enjoy - its worth the time taken to read David Flowers on Christ the Center - The Journey from Religion to Relationship.

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