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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Leadership and Dancing

I implied in my last post that any model of authority and leadership for the church should be rooted in a revelation of God as Trinity. And that historically the Trinity was pictured as a kind of 'dance' of 'mutually self-giving love.' I have been thinking of how an understanding of this concept of 'dancing' might affect how leadership works in practice. Here are some initial thoughts:
  • leaders do not expect others to 'orbit around' them but move in such a way as to release others into their expression of gift and personality; 
  • leaders release creativity, freedom and self-expression but in such a way that they contribute to the beauty and symmetry of the dance of community;
  • in the kind of dance I envisage, there is no 'prima ballerina' who is the focus of attention but the focus is on the beauty of the whole dance;
  • within the beauty of the whole, different individuals may come to the forefront at different times but nobody hogs the limelight or tries to upstage the rest of the group;
  • there will have been a choreographer, or a team of choreographers, and they will themselves be part of the dance, but anyone watching is not aware of that - just of the amazing artistry of the group (this is hidden leadership);
  • sometimes the choreographers set the moves but often they are worked out together as a group;
  • there is room for individual improvisation but the most impressive moments are those amazing feats of synchronization because it is the group working so well together that is so remarkable - leadership helps enable this but it requires mutual submission to achieve it;
  • all the dancers are moving in time to, and being inspired by, the music of the Spirit as they dance.
I hope that this blog can be a forum for conversation about the journey that some of us are on in our understanding of such things; so do please feel free to add comments - some of you will have further insights - or to ask any questions you like. 

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