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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Reasons for Blogging (2)

Just getting round to explaining my other two reasons for blogging again.

A third reason I guess is its an opportunity to explore with others some of the theological questions and issues behind some of the things that we believe and do in church life. I am interested in how our theological understanding relates to our discipleship and church life, but also how Christian theology connects with issues in contemporary culture and public life. And also, doing theology is just good fun! No, really!! I hope some of you will help me with this by asking questions and making comments on my posts.

A fourth reason is simply that it is another vehicle for encouraging members of the church community I help to lead - and anyone else who cares to visit and read this blog. I want to encourage God's people to live this life of adventurous faith with boldness and understanding, vision and passion as we advance God's different kingdom across the nations and through the generations. There is nothing better to live for than this!

I hope over the next few posts to say more about what I mean by 'a different kingdom' and especially how it began to help shift my perspective on power and authority.

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